Bananthamaramma Betta Trek

BM Treak

Astonishing that just 10 kms from Kanakapura Town, there is such a great piece of wild terrain, up thrust granite spikes, sparkling lakes, woods filled with bird calls. A magical trek going up to Bananthamaramma betta right side hillock.

Bananthamaramma Betta Trek – This granite hillock is quite close to Kanakapura just outside the town, 10 kms off the highway. Quite a large sprawling mass of weathered rock, among other such hillocks, inter spread with woods, lakes and farms. Turn right just outside the Kanakapura Town, after a tiny lake, follow google maps, landmark Sri Bananthamaramma Temple (, for about 10 kms, reach the temple and park. Hike up the well-trodden trail, a lovely walk, till you reach a point where the trail drops down to a larger valley, at this point turn right, follow trail till you reach a rocky slope. Traverse on this slope and continue upwards till you top out. The uphill part of trek is moderate and very brief, max 15 mins to reach top. Total trek up and down max 6 kms. The view around is quite stunning and eye-catching. So, do spend some time on top and enjoy the cool breeze! A fit hiker can reach the top in 45 mins at an easy pace, not so fit, may take about 1.5 hours. A very early morning start is recommended, just to listen to the chit-chat of birds, nature’s music.

TIPS – Since there is no water anywhere on the trek, carry adequate water to stay hydrated. Remember to wear a cap, sensible hiking shoes/clothing, a good quality backpack, walking stick (if you need one). Lots of information on this trek is available all over the internet. Seasonal Advice – Summer – Best to start the trek early, as early as 5 or 6 am, summer heat will be relentless. Monsoons – take care as slushy mud or water running down the rocks can be a bit slippery. Winter – Best time for these hikes, can start a bit late, wrap up against wind-chill.

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Help preserve our wilderness.

There is a huge amount of plastic trash near the temple, but the trek route is fairly clean. Still helps if we can voluntarily pick up trash found on the route and bring it back to Bangalore for disposal.

by KHR/Team AdventureWorx


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